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Kent M. Underwood, D.D.S. | Specialist in Orthodontics

Meet Dr. Underwood

meet dr underwood

Kent Underwood, DDS

Dr. Kent Underwood feels incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work in such a unique profession and be a part of so many patients’ lives. With respect to his younger patients, he feels grateful to share in such an impressionable part of their lives. Not only does his work affect self-esteem through a beautiful smile, but he also helps to teach personal responsibility and accountability. The relationships that Dr. Underwood builds provide the opportunity for him to share in so many great life events.


Originally from Rochester, New York, Dr. Kent Underwood came to Ohio to attend college and that is where he met his wife, Amy. 

After graduating from Bowling Green State University, Dr. Underwood went to dental school at the Ohio State University.  He says he knew from those early days in dental school that orthodontics was where his talents and interests were focused. While in dental school at OSU, he was impressed with the excitement of the patients who came to the University’s orthodontic clinic. That excitement was motivating to him and made it clear that orthodontics was his passion.  After his residency in orthodontics at Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Underwood returned to Ohio where he has been in practice since 1998.  

Dr. Underwood’s most specific interest since his earliest days in orthodontic residency has been to establish the most efficient mode of orthodontic treatment possible. He is constantly seeking out techniques and technologies to help his patients achieve the most aesthetic and functional orthodontic outcomes in the shortest amount of time.

About Our Team

With ever increasing demands on time and schedules, Dr. Underwood strives to minimize the number of appointments and maximize the efficiency of each appointment. This is only possible by utilizing cutting edge technologies and leveraging his highly trained, phenomenal, and committed team. Behind the scenes, his team is constantly re-evaluating systems and adjusting treatment protocols. Dr. Underwood feels so fortunate to help create beautiful smiles for his patients while leading such a phenomenal orthodontic team.

Outside the Office

When Dr. Underwood is not working, he enjoys most of all spending time with his family. He is also passionate about community service. Depending on the season, you can find him donating his time ringing the bell for the Salvation Army at Christmas time, cleaning up local rivers with an environmental group, or helping collect household hazardous waste. He also enjoys running, fly fishing, boating, and almost any outdoor activity.

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