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Contests & Events

contests events

There is always something going on in our office. Whether it is a contest, event, or community activity, be sure to ask the front desk for the latest happening!

Every so often, we love to decorate the office with a fun theme, and there's almost always a fun game or contest for our younger patients to enjoy.  In most cases, there is a gift card up for grabs!  

Our Brace Buddy patients are automatically entered into a Limo Ride and Pizza Party with Dr. Underwood and our Brace Buddy Coordinator, Lisa! The lucky winner (and friends invited too, of course!) is whisked away at the end of the school day in a gigantic limo to nosh on pizza and hang out with Dr. Underwood.

Check out our Facebook page for other contests, event information, and fun stuff!  Just click on this link and Like our page: www.facebook.com/UnderwoodOrthodontics

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